Rita Smith is a qualified Advanced member of the IAEBP and has been practicing as a very busy and successful  Hypnotherapist, and a Hypno-Band Gastric band weight loss practitioner for the last 9 years. She has recently made some significant changes to her life having beaten breast cancer - one of those changes was downsizing her house - hence the move to new premises in Woodford Green.. The other is to enjoy her life to the full and cut down her working  hours!! spending more time with her family and friends,enjoying her home in Portugal, having fun, and playing Golf

About Rita Smith at the woodford Practice

Her interest in ‘therapy’ took hold after a period of time when she was herself going through a difficult time with the death of a young family member and then the subsequent separation from her husband. She realised that she needed some professional help and advice in getting herself and her children through this period of their lives

Rita explains that “Many people who are in difficulties find that they use food, alcohol, cigarettes,antidepressants as an emotional crutch to help them  cope. The continual use of  various aids reinforces distorted beliefs  that they may have an “addictive personality” or they are helpless contributing to overwhelming feelings of powerlessness. The reality is that our thinking becomes even more irrational which leads to unhelpful choices and decisions being made. Our health suffers due to high levels of stress which in turn leads to a depressed immune system.

It is staggering that every year 1 in 4 people suffer with some form of emotional mental  health problems. Many end up on anti depressants just like I did. Its time to change and its incredibly simple with a little bit of help, advice and direction”.

Rita.is happily married with  two children and 3 step-children. She enjoys tennis and has now taken up Golf which she is loving!!  Rita believes  that every one can turn their life around in just a few weeks  by learning  a few psychological skills - teaching you to think  in a different way by taking  control of those rogue  thoughts which are creating havoc in your mind!! You may be  surprised to know that  we have between 40,000 and 70,000 thoughts  per day!!! It’s incredible to realise that our thoughts and beliefs create our feelings and emotions which then impact the way we behave. Many of us are maintaining thoughts and beliefs that we have been repeating all our lives and which influence the decisions and choices we make.    Some of our  beliefs have been distorted over time and it is recognising unhelpful beliefs and learning the skills to manage our thinking which set us free and enables us to have a happy and healthy life. There’s no better time to change then right now. We all  become  wiser as we get older but why not get there that much quicker!

Rita also offers a combination of hypnotherapy and suggestion therapy that she uses for her fantastic Smoking and gastric band weight loss programmes. Rita says  “Each client is an individual and for every client there will be a specific programme which would suit their own personal needs. The majority of us just want to feel happy and  normal and in control of  our lives.!

Skype Name:  ritasmith123

E-mail: ritatherapy@yahoo.com

Telephone me on: 07841-357017

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Rita is a licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner

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