Emetophobia client

I am fourteen years old and I have lived with emetophobia since I was five. After nine years of a variety of therapies and other people trying to convince me that there was nothing to be afraid of, I finally found something that taught me that I had the power within me to overcome my fears. I started Thrive four months ago after a three week period of out of control anxiety, centered around the fear of vomiting, that left me unable to go to school, sleep, eat, or function in any rational way. After doing ONE session of Thrive with Rita on skype, I realized that I had the ability to change and control the thoughts that were in my head, so I could live a life without fear. Instead of relying on other people to tell me that I am ok, all I do is remember what I learned from Thrive, and I am ok. Things aren't always 100% perfect, but I always have something to rely on to comfort me and it comes from within now. Now, I've done about ten sessions of Thrive and am living a happy/healthy life!

We miss you and think of you often (and for some reason whenever we say your name we say it with our best English accent)

Brie xx California

M.E Client


After 4 years of suffering with M.E. The Thrive Programme has given me the tools to totally change my perspective for the future and shown me how to take control of my life. I now start each day with a positive thought and end it fulfilled with the knowledge that I am another step closer to achieving my goals for a brighter future that is overflowing with great opportunities.

I completed the Thrive programme in 8 weeks and the changes in my belief system have greatly improved and now my new thinking process is having a positive impact on my health, I no longer have severe symptoms of muscle and joint pain, painful glands, palpitations, dizziness, IBS etc. I no longer wake several times during the night with night sweats and feeling fatigued in the morning. I no longer need to be chaperoned, I have now regained my full independence and I am in the process of starting my own business.

I left each session full of confidence my self-esteem continued to grow and within weeks I was driving again after 4 years! I truly believe that I have learned so much and will continue to learn from these sessions.

I would like to say a big thank you to my Thrive consultant Rita Smith who made me feel at ease from our first meeting and supported me throughout. Rita is full of energy, passionate about her work and will leave you empowered and ready to face the world. I am very pleased I have had the pleasure in meeting and being helped by her. I highly recommend the Thrive programme to anyone who is suffering with ME, CFS or Fibromyalgia

Laura T - Harlow

smoking clients

"I have tried giving up on many occasions and failed!  I can’t believe that this actually worked to the point that I don’t even think about smoking whatsoever!  Very impressive!


Morning Rita,

"Sorry it took so long for me to email you but I wanted to wait a while just to make sure I had actually stopped smoking but then I actually forgot that I ever smoked so my hypnosis on the 1st of November slipped my mind totally.

It's the strangest thing ever I really feel like I never smoked before. Stu has also given up and the other day we got a lovely starbucks coffee (one of our favorite things to do together) and he said ohhhh id love a ciggie now, I all of a sudden said omg I forgot to ask you about your football did you win. Rita I used your advise when the thought comes into your head its only one of thousands of thoughts in a day. so he forgot about his nice ciggie with a coffee in a second proving you right.

I do feel fantastic, I can smell everything its great well except on the train in the mornings.

I will sit down and put together a proper testimonial for you. but for now THANK YOU"

Have a great day, I know I am.


Hello Rita

"Firstly I would like to wish you and your family every best wish for a happy and healthy 2011.Secondly I thought you would like to know that I have not had a cigarette since I last saw you on the 2nd December - another success for you!! and for me.Surprisingly I have found it easy in some respects. I have no wish to smoke, am not tempted to buy any cigarettes and being with someone who smokes does not worry me.

My daughter is overjoyed and very supportive. We didn't tell my grand-daughters, seeing how long they took to work it out. One told my daughter that I didn't smell of smoke any more and another remarked on how well I looked and had I put on weight? So it didn't take them long. My son is also very pleased. Everyone is unbelieving that I have managed it. I wish that I had done it years ago. I feel so well and it is lovely to go out and not worry about the way I smell and how the house smells. New curtains etc. are now on my shopping list.

Thank you Rita for your help. I shall be eternally grateful to you."

With kindest regards


Dear Rita

"A year has now passed since I came to you for help. I had been smoking for 50 years and thought it time to call it a day. My last cigarette was the one I smoked before coming to see you.

In some ways it has been easy - I have never wanted a cigarette and never tempted to buy any.Not only me, but also my family cannot thank you enough for your help.

I hope you are keeping well and send best wishes for Christmas and the coming New Year."

Kindest regards


Hello Rita,

"My partner and I came to see you a couple of weeks ago regarding smoking cessation therapy.

Well, I have found it very easy and have stopped smoking completely. It hasn't been difficult at all and even my trigger of drinking with friends has not caused me any problems.

I found you a very inspirational woman and am even thinking of starting a hypnotherapy course in September. Any advice you could give on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for saving me so much money and enabling me to give up so painlessly. I may have a few referrals for you - a friend asked for your number today."

Kind regards.


Hi Rita

"Thank you so much for helping me to stop smoking. It was so easy, I have not thought about smoking a cigarette since. I still get the thought that I use to have a cigarette but the thought disappears as quickly as it came. I am so relieved and happy and positive and I will be recommending you to anyone I know who wants to stop smoking. The thing that impressed me the most was how easy it was.

Thank you for giving me such a great gift."

Caroline xx

Phobia Client

"Hi Rita,

Just to let you know, the past week has been a bit difficult since our session on Sunday, but I’ve dealt with a lot of things and I’m feeling fantastic about everything (including mannequins!) now that I’ve had the chance to talk to a few people and get a lot of things out of my system. I want to thank you so much – I’m sure you know how bad I am at showing and dealing with emotion, and the fact that you were so understanding and helpful combined with the hypnotherapy itself gave me a really safe space to let out a few things that have been bottled up for a long time! I needed to do this more than I could have ever imagined when I originally started on this journey, and if it hadn’t been for your encouragement I wouldn’t have ever got this far.

You have been truly amazing. I’ll stay in touch and let you know how things are going (I’ll send photos if I ever decide to visit Madame Tussauds!)

Lots of love,



Hypnoanalysis Clients

"Dear Rita

Just a quick letter to say  a big thank you to you. Following the completion of my pure hypno-analysis with you my life has just changed so much for the better. You said it would and  I believed you all along but I am still amazed at how quick it was and how much better I am feeling.

It's not just me who is noticing either, my nearest and dearest have commented on "how happy I am" and my husband said "he would give you a million pounds if he had it" the change for us has been that significant.

Each week after my sessions I felt so positive and spurred on to get to the end of my therapy. I wanted to understand what had been holding me back all these years. The weight that was lifted on my final session was unbelievable, an experience that will live with me forever. The years of self analysis, counseling, excuses and depression are now over for me and I only wish I had discovered pure hypno analysis before. I will be telling as many people as I can about it as it's great to be feeling this full of life and I wish this for others.   

Thanks again, you know how much you have helped.

Take care


Hi Rita

"Thank-you so much for taking me through "the changing limiting belief's course". To say it has changed my life is a understatement !!!!!

As you know I came to you as a ex patient of the priory who had treatment for alcohol addiction back in October 2010. I spent 28 days in rehab and came out of there believing that I was an addict and was suffering from an illness that I would never recover from. I faced a life of going to meetings in the AA and therapy to help me control my illness and thoughts. I knew that when I came out from there something was not right, especially how I felt about the label of being an addict and the whole recovery process. This is when I contacted you and you suggested the CLB course to me. I was a bit apprehensive at first but will never forget those words you said, "just take a leap of faith" and I tell you I am so please I did, its the best decision I have ever made.

By doing this course I no longer have the above belief systems, I don't believe I was addicted to alcohol anymore than I was addicted to smoking. Last year my stress and anxiety levels were on the red permanently !!! This was because of the way I was thinking about the events that had taken place in my life especially in the last few years and I was using alcohol to try and stop myself thinking !!!!

Today I have my stress and anxiety levels under control because of this course and how I now think. I no longer have to get drunk to blot out feeling and thoughts. I am very positive and my self esteem has gone through the roof !!

So good is my thinking today that I can even have a drink if I choose too. Who would of thought that after six sessions with you that I have become a normal social drinker . Also I don't smoke now due to the stop smoking course.

Today my life has never been better and I have full control over my thoughts as I really do know who I am and how I think.

I cant thank you enough Rita"

Kindest regards


Dear Rita

"Thank you for all your help with my limiting beliefs. Thanks especially for ringing me on our wedding day , as you can see and as you said it did go fantastically!! In fact I would like to do it all over again but slower! It really helped speaking to you and re-evaluating all the thoughts we hadn't thought to challenge before. At the end of our christmas party me and my team got an award for the best learning and development session! Without your help I would never have done it. All the best".

(consulted for anxiety for having to do a presentation at work and wedding day nerves)

Dear Rita,

Thank you so much for your help. The sessions with you have really helped me to start looking at certain things differently - and in particular that I can take control of every aspect of my life, especially the things I'm not completely happy with. I often stop myself now if I have negative thoughts and am trying to change my thinking in this respect. I think this will definitely have a positive impact on my self esteem.

Thanks again and best wishes x

(came along with his partner to support her and he sat in with the sessions free)

"This is the before and after story of a ceiling. The best thing about this story is that it's absolutely true.

Weeks before I had ever heard of Rita Smith, a leak in my bathroom stained my ceiling downstairs. 'Don't worry', my part-time lover said. 'It won't take me long to sort it out.' A long time went by without anything being done; every time I caught sight of it, a low-level anxiety would kick in and escalate to the kind of self-pitying, whiny voice I'd become accustomed to - my inner voice, which berated me for being dependent on someone who clearly didn't care for me.

The evening following my final session with Rita, I walked into my cottage, looked at the ceiling and said, out loud to myself, 'my ceiling, my problem, my responsibility; I'll deal with it.' I researched how to do it and what materials I would need. By the time I came to climb the ladder for the first time, paintbrush in hand, I was fairly humming with the anticipation of completing my DIY project.

Perhaps, my ceiling is a metaphor for your life. Rita won't fix your ceiling; what she will do is infinitely more valuable: she will give you the tools to fix it yourself. She is an extraordinary life-affirming woman. Trust her, work hard with her, and she will help you realize that your boundaries are literally limitless."

Oh! And my ceiling? I did a great job.

Julie xx

(consulted for smoking originally but on the consultation and after evaluating her Julie I encouraged her to complete the Thrive programme instead)

Hi Rita

I have been meaning to send you a Thank you email since I got back from my cruise but just haven't got round to it!!

I had a fantastic time and didn't have any worries or concerns about the flight either way which was brilliant! I have also applied the Changing Limiting Believes thought process to other minor areas of wobbles I occasionally have and have found it works really well.

I have just under 2 weeks to go to my next holiday in Corfu with all the family and am not giving the flights any thoughts at all just excitedly getting a new wardrobe ready for the holiday.

Once again a big thank you for your help, I don't envisage needing your help in the future (in a nice way!) but if I do I would not hesitate in coming back to see you again.

Kind regards

Doreen Mascall

Driving Test Client

A testimonial from a client who was suffering from  nerves at the thought of taking another driving test  (having failed twice).  One session of suggestion therapy  Sept 08. (Thank you card held and permission granted to publish it).

"To Rita,  Thank you so much for all the help you have given.  I never dreamt that I would pass my driving test.  Even my instructor commented on the amazing transformation in my driving!  Before hypnotherapy he thought I had little/no chance of passing.  I passed with 2 minors!  Your work is truly amazing!  I thoroughly recommend you.  Kind regards  Brogan "

Hi Rita,

"I was thinking about you this morning so I thought I would give you an update on me! I finished my sessions with you in January 2010 and to be honest, I still felt a little lost at that point. I had just moved back home, broken up a long relationship and was generally feeling sorry for myself. Don't get me wrong, I think we finished the sessions at the right time as I had got over everything in my past, dealt with it, and was ready to move on.

For a few months I plodded along. Going out with friends and spending more time with myself, just relaxing doing something like reading. My relationship with my parents also seemed so much better. Skip forward to today and I am so so happy, and it shows to everyone around me. I am always getting people telling me how happy and good I look nowadays and it makes me feel that all the rough times were worth it to get to now (such as my crying in your seat).

So here is my news......

I have a beautiful nephew now who I adore! I was also asked to be his Godmother, which made me cry with happiness. Last month we had his Christening (he was an angel all day) and all my family commented on how relaxed and happy I looked. I am spending this weekend with my sister-in-law and nephew while my brother works-they have made up the spare room in their house so I can stay whenever I want. I know I had issues with my brother in the past, but both of us have grown up and we get on so well now.

My mum and I are finally getting along, like a mother a daughter should. No more fights or screaming at each other. I always thought we didn't get on because we are so similar but we have both turned that around by changing little things. If we do have a 'fight' we don't shout and scream like we used to. We talk and find out what the problem is and deal with it there and then. We recently joined Weight Watchers together and go walking 5 days a week, which I find good for us as we can really talk about anything that has happened throughout the day. I have lost nearly a stone in weight (hoping to reach a stone on Monday) and my mum is not far behind me at 8 lbs lost. We both are so happy for each other when we loose weight and go on a buzz from each other.

I am single and have been throughout. A very good friend of mine wanted more and if I was not in a good place, and felt alone/in need of a partner, I would have made it more so I had someone. But I am in that good place so we discussed everything and have stayed just friends. While we sometimes have funny moments still, he is one of my best friends and we still get on very well. I am enjoying being single. D.... my ex, never seemed to like me going out much or spending time with people when I got close to them. I now spend a lot of time with my friends and put the effort in to see them. I used to think I had to go out to a club everything weekend and drink plenty, but now I often go out for dinner and then a bar. If we feel like a club afterwards, great! If not, we are fairly chilled about it all.

I enjoy spending time on my own. I never used to like this as it was to much time to think. Now I love it! I'm not a hermit, but I make sure I have some time to myself every night, even if its only 10 minutes.

Work is getting better. While I still have issues with certain people, I have been noticed by bosses higher up and its looking positive for me. Currently, I have a big project which I am loving!

I hope you are well, and of course all of your family too. Thanks for reading"

Stephanie xx

Ben's Mother Testimonial

Dear Rita

"Well..... It seems impossible what you have done for Ben! He eats anything and everything, I stand aghast (without him seeing me!!) at how he now is with food, we would never have thought it possible. He is so much happier now he can face foods, he's been to an Indian with us as a family meal, David is cooking him all sorts, as am I, I have learnt to stand back, in lots of things,, not just his foods, and it is helping. No more catastrophic thoughts, well maybe just a few.... i am still his mum!!

Ben is in France as I write, and is having a wonderful time, he tells me he has eaten everything given him to him, except Carrot soup! He can now go out with his friends and eat what they eat, stay over without worrying he wont eat for 24 hrs, it is now all a thing of the past. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, I do not know what you did, but from the moment he walked out of your office, Ben's mind set had completely changed, and now everything is ' Mmmm Lovely',"

Take care and continued success to you

Lots of love


(Ben was a 13 year old boy who consulted for picky eating. Would only eat limited food and was going to France for a school trip and had some anxiety about how he would manage with the food)

Anxiety Client

"Hi there Rita,

Thanks for you lovely email and encouragement! Everything in my world has been really good and I don't know where I would be now if it hasn't had been for you - I am so lucky to have found you! It's horrible to think now that I sometimes couldn't get out of bed some mornings. Sometimes found it hard to breath, felt sick, couldn't eat, I was constantly was crying and I was beyond knowing what to do with myself.

I'm still learning so much after my therapy and realise so many things - but what's great is I'm not dwelling on them. I know my anxiety and stress has been building up over a long time - and I now know, it's been there right from when I was young. I got used to living my life thinking this is the way it is, living one problem to the next, not really coping all that well with each problem as it presented itself. My emotions constantly got the better of me, apart from getting me down, it truly affected all those around me and of course, everything that went wrong wasn't my fault, but someone or something else. Of course, I now know that's not true and I am in control of what's happening. I feel calm, happy, relaxed and so much washes over me - my husband cannot believe the difference in me and said he has never know me to be like this ever and he is so much happier as a result.

My hair has stopped falling out - loosing my hair was terrible and I know this was due to the anxiety and stress.  I have noticed my hair is starting to grow back. When I saw my GP, he was so impressed how far I've come in such a sort time. He was expecting I would be taking antidepressants for another 4-6 months and he felt as I did, I was ready to come off them.

My relationships with family and friends has got better as I'm different and they are responding to me differently - and even total strangers smile at me. I was in Waitrose the other day buying chocolate for Christmas presents, while humming jingle bells and I noticed the people around me in the isle started humming jingle bells as well! I'd like to think I'm spreading joy and happiness?!  I even found myself mediating a family dispute - really, that's unheard of.

Workwise, it's great. I know I'm doing a great job. I don't dread going into work everyday, I actually look froward to it and I can't believe I feel like this. I used to dread some client meetings, fearing my presentation wouldn't be good enough but now I go into a meeting and believe I'm going to come away with the order signed and it's working. I no longer feel worried about what they're going to think about me and I'm just getting the job done. It's great and has really increased my confidence.

I used to spend so much money on clothes and cosmetics in the hope of trying to make myself feel better and to make people like me, thinking that if I look nice they would like me but now I have ditched all the make up and expensive skin care products. I haven't been buying anywhere near the amount of clothes I bought on a monthly basis, and I cannot believe how many compliments I've had from friends and work colleagues saying that I look so well and that my skin is glowing, and that I look nice. My husband is very happy my credit card bill is tiny - so, what I have learnt is that what's going on the inside really shows on the outside. No amount of facials, make up, pedicures, new clothes is going to make you look good if you don't feel good and happy on the inside.

Rita, thanks so much. I wish I found you sooner but having said that I guess I found you at the right time. I am very lucky. Taking antidepressants and reading self help books can help, but I think they are just temporary plasters. The pure hypno therapy is the permanent cure.

You too, have a great Christmas break. You've given me the best Christmas present ever.

Love L x"

Stopping Smoking Client

Connie came to me to quit smoking back in June 09 - however, after the Initial consultation she took the decision to go through analysis first as she felt that she wanted some help in reducing her anxiety.  She completed a successful course of "pure hypno analysis" and then finished off with the smoking cessation afterwards...

"Hi Rita.

Long time no see.

I can not believe it, but I saw you Rita Tuesday the 8th of September 2009, it is almost 5 months ago.

We did the stop smoking session, and I am still in Shock, have not had or wanted to ever smoke again.

More to the point I just know I will never take it up again.

Apart from gaining a little weight, I feel absolutely wonderful.

Everyone else thinks the weight only suits me, so what more can I say

Thank you, thank you, you are a true superstar, what amazing work you do, I am so grateful for what you did.

Lots of love

Connie X

PS I remember coming to you in a bad state in my life, but wow you helped me turn around my life, I have found myself again, and quit the fags, love my family, life is just great.




Lots of love and millions of thanks


Stop Smoking Client

"Hi Rita I couldn't find anywhere on your website to submit a testimonial so I thought I would email it to you.

Thank you so much for helping me to stop smoking.  It was so easy, I have not thought about smoking a cigarette since.  I still get the thought that I use to have a cigarette but the thought disappears as quickly as it came.  I am so relieved and happy and positive and I will be recommending you to anyone I know who wants to stop smoking. The thing that impressed me the most was how easy it was. Thank you for giving me such a great gift

Caroline xx"

Morning Rita,

"Sorry it took so long for me to email you but I wanted to wait a while just to make sure I had actually stopped smoking but then I actually forgot that I ever smoked so my hypnosis on the 1st of November slipped my mind totally.

It's the strangest thing ever I really feel like I never smoked before. Stu has also given up and the other day we got a lovely starbucks coffee(one of our favorite things to do together) and he said ohhhh id love a ciggie now, I all of a sudden said omg I forgot to ask you about your football did you win. Rita I used your advise when the thought comes into your head its only one of thousands of thoughts in a day. so he forgot about his nice ciggie with a coffee in a second proving you right.

I do feel fantastic, I can smell everything its great well except on the train in the mornings.

I will sit down and put together a proper testimonial for you. but for now THANK YOU

Have a great day, I know I am"


Stop Smoking Client

Murat is  a 37 year old man  Police officer, who was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.  He came in for a 90 minute session and just stopped smoking!  His belief system is  now that of a non smoker!!! He just doesn’t smoke anymore and it was easy!!!

"Dear Rita,

Thanks for the Stopping Smoking Easily in Just One Session. I don't know how many days it has been since the session but I gave up smoking and the interesting thing was that I feel like I never smoked before.

THANK YOU so much. You made a big change in my life. I will certainly advertise your web site on our police broadcast.

If you would like to advertise your sessions please send a brochure and I will display it in two police stations. Please send one copy in Laminated, A4 size and I will display it near the smoking area in the police station.

Thank you.




Bishopsgate Police Station

182 Bishopsgate

London EC2M 4NP

I added three photos if you like to use any of them on your web site.


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