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Rita Smith is a qualified Advanced member of the IAEBP (International Association of evidence based psychotherapy)and has been practicing as a very busy and successful  Talking Therapist and Hypnotherapist  for the last 12 years. She has recently made some significant changes to her life having beaten breast cancer. Rita offers weekly or twice weekly sessions  online and also sees clients face to face either at her practice in Woodford or at her home in Chelmsford. 

She  enjoys every minute of  her life to the full.  She loves  spending  time with her family and friends, enjoying her home in Portugal, having fun, and playing Golf.  But her true passion is helping people to repair their minds and Thrive.

Rita says “My  interest in therapy took hold after a period of time when I  was  going through a difficult time with the death of a young family member and the breakdown of my  marriage.  I realised that myself and my children needed some professional help  through this period.

Many people who are in difficulties find  they use food, alcohol, cigarettes, anti depressants as an emotional crutch to help them  cope.  For me I needed to find another way to manage my

emotions and get some control back of my mind. One of my clients recently told me ‘He felt his mind was broken’. That’s pretty much how I felt back in 2001.

After trying various types of therapy  I found  a course  of treatment that changed my life. What I found incredible was how quickly I changed my thinking and emotions once I  developed the skills – literally 7 or 8 hours of  learning how to think in a healthy way.

The reality is  that every year at least  1 in 4 people suffer with some form of emotional mental  health problems and now with the events of the Pandemic this last year, sadly I fear  that number is going to go through the roof.   The amount of recommendations I am currently receiving  from  young people  experiencing panic attacks and severe  anxiety  is staggering -  It  is now so important to repair  that   broken mind and live the life you were meant to live Happy, Calm, Relaxed, Resilient and In control, I’ll be delighted to  see you on the other side.

Thank you for readingRita x


I am a member of the International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy which is dedicated to the professional and ethical use of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy for the treatment of nervous disorders and emotional problems.

Members of the Association are bound by a code of practice and ethics of the highest order ; they have satisfied an Examination board of their knowledge and level of competence and have undertaken to abide by the Rules of the Association which among other things requires that they be covered by a Professional Indemnity Insurance and such insurance Certificate must be available for inspection. Members of the Association have also agreed to discharge each and every client from treatment at the earliest possible moment consistent with that

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