Hypnotherapy in Woodford

Hypnotherapy is a fantastic type of therapy for specific problems that need resolving quite quickly.  i.edriving test nerves, best man speech, flying, presentations or general stress and anxiety.  I often suggest this as  a quick fix  when we don’t have much time.  I would always prefer to offer a changing beliefs programme as this type of therapy is permanent. 

Most people worry that they will not feel  in control whilst in ahypnotic state.  They see hypnotists on stage and see people doing crazy stuff  -but for therapeutic purposes Hypnotherapy is a game changer.  You will find the experience ever so relaxing. Whilst laying downon  a reclining chair  I will be guide you  into  a very light hypnotic state  and whilst you are in this lovely, calm relaxed state, I will give you some very positively-worded suggestions that will affect whatever symptom(s) you are consulting about. As well as the positive suggestions, you will be taught how to visualise the outcome you desire and you will be given strategies to think and act more positively.


For example, if you were consulting for driving test nerves, you would be given suggestions such as 'you are going to feel calm, relaxed and in full control, during your driving test'; you would then be guided  through your driving test (whilst you are in the hypnotic state), practicing your driving skills in a calm and relaxed way.  In effect, you would be 'rehearsing' the outcome that you DESIRE (passing your test in a relaxed and confident manner) rather than 'worrying about what might go wrong'.
On leaving the session (usually only one session is needed) you will be feeling very positive, calm and relaxed, and feeling very differently towards whatever situation or event you were consulting for Suggestion therapy  IS incredibly powerful, and can be incredibly effective.  This type of therapy is ideally suited to treating  more simple problems and symptoms such as stopping smoking, exam nerves, nail biting,


pre-test nerves, flying anxiety, general relaxation, confidence boosting, wedding speech nerves, dentist nerves and weight loss). Suggestion therapy is usually effective immediately, and hence only one or sometimes two sessions would be required.

A session of Hypnotherapy with Rita at her clinics in  Woodford or Chelmsford cost just £75.

Hypnotherapy/Hypnoanalysis Session    

£75 for the per hour session