Relationship Counselling
Relationship Counselling

Are you struggling to relate to your partner or children, or finding it hard to communicate with your family? Perhaps you are at loggerheads with your boss, or having trouble connecting with colleagues.

Relationships are complex and whatever your connections with people they can be problematic from time to time. The pressures of modern life can put a huge amount of stress on us, resulting in arguments and miscommunications with those around us and this can leave us feeling angry, disappointed, rejected and lonely.  I am currently working with many young people who are finding it difficult in  maintaining healthy relationships or friendships.   Their inability look at things from another perspective and being able to  compromise  is causing constant rows.   Many people may not be aware that they are over controlling in relationships  which is not helpful so the sooner you get some insight and realise that you can change these behaviours and manage your emotional response the happier you will be. Saving your relationship is the number one priority.

In 2020, research commissioned by the leading relationships charity, Relate, highlighted the impact lockdown measures are having on romantic relationships.

Almost a quarter of the survey's respondents (23%) said the circumstances place pressure on their relationship with their partner. More than one in eight (12%) of those living with their partner agreed that staying at home makes them doubt their relationship.

COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions are magnifying existing issues. Everyone’s trying their best  whilst stuck under one roof.  Getting in touch now  rather than letting things fester until things get irreparably bad, could help build bridges and repair fragmented relationships.

Off course every relationship is different so I would recommend a first session together where I can assess the relationship  and then I will be able to advise you on my recommendations going forward to resolve your issues. 

Many people I work with prefer to work on themselves first and I often find that when one person changes and takes back control this then encourages the partner or family member to come along and sort themselves out as well.

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Couples Counselling

£100 per 75  minutes