Stop Smoking

What Happens in the Hypnotherapy Smoking Cessation Session?

The actual session lasts about 2 hours.The first part of the session is a complete retraining of your distorted beliefs which you have picked up over a period of time.  Once we understand how your beliefs were formed I will show you  how to change them.  You will  then have a healthy mind and a brand new belief system about smoking. Through challenging your beliefs about why you smoke, and learning to see the whole smoking business from a totally different perspective  you will be well on your way to being a non-smoker.

The hypnosis element will ‘clinch the deal’ so to speak:  you will find yourself feeling relaxed, calm and confident that you are a non-smoker and you will not need to substitute anything for your old need to smoke - the old need has simply gone:  you are a non-smoker with no withdrawal symptoms!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I be 'under', or 'out of control' during the session?

No. You will be relaxed, in a very light state of hypnosis.....fully alert and fully in control at all times. You can speak, move, open your eyes or do anything else you would like to do.... you DO NOT have to be in a 'stage hypnosis' type of trance - just a very light, relaxed state.

Q. Why is your success rate SO MUCH HIGHER than most other therapists?

A number of reasons really:

We run the session very differently to most other suggestion-only hypnotherapists and focus on very different topics

We help the client to change their BELIEF SYSTEM - to that of a NON-SMOKER... and as a non-smoker, it is very easy to stop smoking.

Most importantly of all, we don't approach stopping smoking from the same view point as 'normal' hypnotherapists.. we are analytical hypnotherapists by profession, and have taken many thousands of people through 'therapy'. Taking people through therapy gives (the therapist) tremendous insight into WHY we have habits, phobias and other symptoms.  We use these insights into the unconscious motivations BEHIND smoking cessation, to eliminate the habit at an unconscious level.

Q. Why do you, and other hypnotherapists, charge so much more for a smoking cessation session, than other symptoms you treat?

An 'Easy Smoking Cessation' session, the way we do them, is the most involved type of hypnotherapy session that we run. It involves far more time, preparation, effort, skill, experience, character-assessment, insight and general hard-work, than any other symptom or condition that we treat. That is why it costs more.

Q. What happens if I stop smoking, but start again in six months time?

This is very unlikely to happen:  when we help people to stop smoking, we help them to change their belief system about smoking as well, which means they become 'non smokers’ not ‘ex-smokers’.  If you did go back to smoking, there would likely have been some big emotional trauma that precipitated it.  In this situation, we would speak with you about whether it was sensible to have another session or do some more intense beliefs work.

Q. Is every smoker suitable for this treatment?

Yes, unless they have a history of psychoses.

Q. Will I need gum, patches. placebos, Zyban or anything else to help me?

No. Nothing.

I have been to another hypnotherapist before and it didn't work - would it still be worth it coming to see you?

Yes, my session is TOTALLY different to most other approaches to smoking cessation.

Q. Why do you suggest  that clients pay cash for smoking cessation?

Part of the reason you will stop when you come and see us, is because you will have a tangible reason to stop. A lot of emphasis is placed upon what is tangible and not tangible. A cheque, or a credit card slip, is not tangible, and might affect your commitment; cash is tangible, it is real... this helps to focus your attention

Do I need to put in any effort?

Yes you do. There is NO MAGIC to hypnosis - it is an AID to help you and it  will HELP YOU, We have a SUPERB success rate - but you do need to put some effort in.

Stop Smoking    

£245.00 for the 2 hour session