Beliefs & Session


I have worked with many young people  who have beliefs that they aren’t clever enough, pretty enough, popular enough.  Many young people  are labelled (unintentionally) by their parents as the sporty one,  the academic one or the artistic one.   Unless children are pretty robust and resilient they develop a belief  that this must be true.  This in turn leads to a fixed view of themselves and again limits their potential.  I very  gently challenge those  beliefs  and   find  evidence to support new healthy  positive and powerful beliefs.

A young child of say 7 years of age, who is very shy and hasn’t learnt  many social skills is asked to read out loud in class -  The child  blushes  and stutters and the other children start laughing.  She then takes it personally which affects her self esteem. The child forms a belief that she hates reading out loud.  Every time she is asked to read - she may experience the same feelings time and again. This then reinforces that belief. She will avoid putting her hand up to ask questions  as she hasn’t developed the skills to work through it . She may then avoid  any  social situation  where she feels ‘on the spot’. This continues to  develop as she becomes an adult.  So unless she challenges it  - this one belief created years ago,  

will follow her around all through her life as you will see from the testimonials below. I have been consulted  for Social Anxiety  many  times from people who have never fulfilled their full potential because of a fear of public speaking.  They have avoided promotion as they felt overwhelmed at the  thought of giving  presentations and just could not  tolerate those uncomfortable feelings.

Many of my clients consult for weight loss.  Once again, the main reason they are unable to lose weight is because they  don’t believe they  can.  As they keep failing theycontinue to build up many distorted beliefs  as a way to protect themselves.


I must  have an addictive personality or being overweight  runs in our  family! They  have no idea how they have allowed themselves to be so unhealthy and overweight.  One of the primary limiting beliefs  is low self esteem.  They don’t believe they  can lose weight so they do not  put any effort  in. They don’t like themselves  I use the example of  Mike Tyson!  And I say  if I  had to fight Mike Tyson - how much effort would I put in?  Most people agree that I wouldn’t put  that much in because I do not believe that I would win! They would be right!

You would be astounded how many people I work with believe they have great self esteem.!!! They may do at work and be brilliant at their job and therefore answer the questions with a work head on!   But asking them to answer the questions  regarding losing weight  or personal issues  their beliefs are very limited

If you do not believe you can lose weight you just don’t try! -  you tend to have a low opinion  of yourself, you don’t  believe you are capable   and to try to lose weight only to fail will  put in touch with some of those earlier uncomfortable negative feelings and emotions.  So, in affect you  protect yourselves.  A cycle of dysfunctional thinking continues.  

Session 1

Getting to know you!  We look at three areas of your life.

  • How good are you at managing your relationships and emotions.

  • How healthy are you.

  • How do you feel  about work/employment/education

General easy questions to find out what beliefs you have that are creating an anxious  mind as well as seeing how confident you are and  how much social anxiety you have in all three areas.

Session 2

Teaching  you how to change beliefs.

Session 3

Teaching you how to build your own self esteem.

Session 4

Teaching you about Social Anxiety and identifying areas where you take things personally or where you  worry to much  what other  people think of you.

Session 5

Looking at your thinking styles.  Do you have perfectionist thinking or are you all or nothing kind of person?   Have you learnt to be helpless?

Session 6

Understanding the impact your language has on your thoughts and emotions and identifying  any other areas where you are creating stress.

Session 7

Re doing all the assessments and seeing how far you have come!! You will be amazed at how you now answer the questions.  You will have been  trained not to create stress or anxiety!!


Follow up or maintenance sessions if required.    

Typically,  the beliefs Programme is about 7 sessions depending on the  symptoms and the amount of limiting beliefs  that need to be addressed and worked through.  Limiting beliefs can have an incrediblydamaging effect on your life - causing you to suffer  relationship problems,health anxiety,  phobias such as spiders, heights, claustrophobia, emetophobia (fear of vomiting or sickness) any type of  anxiety, panic attacks. depression, M.E., post viral fatigue syndrome, obsessions, phobias and addictions. 

Rita was awarded  Thrive Consultant  of the year 2013.

You will find her enthusiastic, passionate and exciting to work with. There is lots of laughter and plenty of shocking moments as you discover who you really are and how you really think.   Your life will never be the same!!


"Thank you for all your help with my limiting beliefs. Thanks especially for ringing me on our wedding day , as you can see and as you said it did go fantastically!!  In fact I would like to do it all over again but slower! It really helped speaking to you and re-evaluating all the thoughts we hadn't thought to challenge before. At the end of our christmas party me and my team got an award for the best learning and development session! Without your help I would never have done it. All the best".

Beliefs work with anxiety

Wedding day nerves / Presentations

3 Sessions

Talking Therapy Beliefs work    

£75 per hour (£500 for 7 sessions)

Couples Counselling 

£100 per 75  mins